Joe Fairless


If you want to be active and syndicate deals yourself, then apply for the private program. If you are interested in passive investment opportunities and you are accredited, then you can click the learn more button below.



Learn How to Buy Apartments and How to Bring in Investors

Work with me, and experienced apartment syndicator, to create a unique business strategy that fits your financial and investment goals. I can also help you to discover your target market and property type and find investors who have experience and share your drive. Get the financial freedom you need to do more of what you love!


Learn About Passive Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors

Accredited investors who have experience with apartment syndications can invest with me on my next deal! With control of $570,000,000, I know how to find the property, create a plan for improving the cash flow (if necessary), and negotiate the deal. Your passive investment provides you with the opportunity to earn an income without the 9-5.

Work With Joe and Become a Passive Investor

Since beginning my career in real estate, I have helped people throughout the United States make smart decisions with their money—whether they choose to become a passive investor or a more active real estate partnership. And I’m ready to help you next.

Today, I control more than $570,000,000 in real estate assets. I have also written three books on real estate, which have been lauded by experts throughout the industry, including Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank. Additionally, I run a comprehensive blog, host the longest-running daily podcast on real estate, and have my own mobile app, which is available on Apple and Android devices.

In other words, I have the experience, background, success, and motivation needed to guide you in the right direction and maximize your assets.

If we work together, we will discuss investing a lot when we meet, yes, but you can feel confident that I don’t just view this job as numbers and money. I view it as a way to put good people in the position to do good things. That is what drives me every day.

If you want to be active and syndicate deals yourself, then you should apply for my private program. If you are a passive investor interested in a real estate partnership and you are accredited, then you can click the appropriate button below.

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