Why I Created the Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book

As a real estate investor, you realize you need to make bigger moves to experience bigger profits. The difficult part, though, is knowing what moves to make to add more cash to your coffers—and knowing how to make those moves in the right way. That’s exactly why I wrote the Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book.

Whether you’re interested in active or passive investing, this video highlights why I created this book and how it can help you to become a savvy apartment investor.

How to Succeed in Apartment Syndication

This book is the only text you’ll come across that will guide you through the process of completing apartment syndications from start to finish. The proof is in the pudding. My process works, as evidenced by the $900 million in apartment properties that my business controls through syndications.

Learn not only from my personal experience but also from tips I’ve collected from more than 1,000 conversations with fellow real estate investing experts/entrepreneurs.

Get Involved in Apartment Syndication Today

Today is an excellent time to learn how to find apartment investing deals, build an investing team, raise capital, create a business plan, execute that plan, and exit successfully—all through my book. View this video to learn how to make the most of apartment community investing today!

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Joe Fairless