Top 10 Tips for Underwriting Value-Add Apartment Real Estate (Part 1)

If you’re going into real estate investing with little experience in the area of underwriting real estate, you may be selling yourself short—literally. That’s because you might be pursuing deals that are no good for your bottom line, or you might be missing out on potentially lucrative deals altogether. Either way, the situation isn’t good for any investor.

In this video, a part of our Follow-Along Friday series, we talk about how to handle the underwriting process like a pro. In Part 1, we dive into the top 10 tips for underwriting a value-add apartment community.

How to Succeed in Underwriting Real Estate

In this video, you’ll learn about the essential steps for underwriting an apartment community, including calculating your offer price and not relying on the offering memorandum of a broker. You’ll also learn how to complete rental comparable analyses as well as perform rental premium calculations, along with other valuable nuggets for every aspiring underwriter.

Receive Expert Help with Underwriting Real Estate Today

With the right underwriting skills, you can be well on your way to staying in the black and experiencing real estate investing success on a whole new level. Fortunately, if you invest with Joe, you’ll learn how to do this and so much more. Take a peek at our video to master how to grow your real estate empire with properly underwritten apartment deals today.

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