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My goal is ultimately to help you find the financial freedom you need to lead the life you want, which is why I offer free resources on my website. Here you will find my top 10 most popular blogs of all time.

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Apartment Syndication School

Apartment Syndication School

We created the Syndication School to provide you with a FREE apartment syndication education so that you have the tools to launch your own apartment syndication empire.

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raw cotton land

Advice for Raw Land Investing: How to Sell Raw Land at 300% to 1000% Profit

Last week, Mark Podolsky, who has completed over 5,000 raw land transactions in his 14-year investment career, taught us how to consistently buy raw land for $0.20 to $0.30 on the dollar. Now, Mark is back for part 2 where he explained how he is able to resell the land at a price that is 3 to 10 times higher than what he originally bought it for.

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11 Questions to Ask When Buying Apartments

Anytime you evaluate an apartment community you need to know the income, expenses and debt service. You also need to get answers to these 11 questions…

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