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TOP 10 Most Popular Best Ever Episodes


The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever show is the longest running daily real estate investing podcast on the planet! It is ranked in the Top 100 “Business” podcasts and Top 3 “Real Estate” podcasts on iTunes.


With over 1000 interviews with real estate pros, here is a list of the 10 most popular Best Ever episodes of all-time. Whether you are a loyal best ever listener and experienced investor or someone who is just looking to get started, you are guaranteed to find value – both educational and inspiration – in these episodes.



#1   Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran Reveals Her Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

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Barbara Corcoran shares how to spot an up and coming area to invest, what you can do to quickly spot your team’s next supers, and how avoiding her WORST investment can be your best investment



#2   Wanna Do a Deal With Robert Kiyosaki? Well, Ya Better Have a Good Answer to THIS Question

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Robert Kiyosaki shares some incredible advice on how to do a deal with him, what you need to look for in a partner, and the key thing you need to be doing today so you don’t fall behind.



#3   Rich Dad Advisor, Tom Wheelwright, Says Your IRA Plan is WRONG and How to Be Tax Free Till You Die

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Tom Wheelwright unfolds the complications and misunderstandings of IRAs and how they would NOT benefit all forms of real estate investing. Want to avoid capital gains? Hear his advice on 1031 exchanges. Other topics include tax brackets, depreciation, and cost segregation.



#4   Tom Ferry’s Approach to Systems, Coaching, and EXPLODING Your Brand and Real Estate Business

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Tom Ferry, the world’s number one real estate coach, shares his knowledge of systems, having teams instead of being a solo entrepreneur, the markets, starting a coaching firm, being a consultant, and how to identify the needs of an individual to help them excel.



#5   Learn the Secrets that took CNBC Star Sean Conlon From Assistant Janitor to Real Estate Mogul

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Fear and focus were two paramount tools for Sean Conlon, star of all brand new reality series, The Deed Chicago.  In this episode, Conlon shares details of journey from an assistant janitor to the fame and fortune he has amassed and now helps others achieve.  With a passion for real estate, Conlon began making evening cold calls for a brokerage after his long day job shift. He learned the streets of Chicago like the back of his hand and grew his empire by selling and eventually developing real estate.  Turn up the volume and learn how fear and focus can change your life, too.



#6   3 FOURPLEXES for $220,000! Updates, and Raising Capital 

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Yes, 3 Fourplexes for $220,000, scored by Theo! Hear about his networking hack that you need to implement TODAY. (cough cough) It involves social media. Hear about some updates with Joe, a recap from the BiggerPockets podcast interview, and of course Joe covers raising capital for other people’s deals.



#7  NFL Legend, Emmitt Smith, Shares His Developmental Real Estate Secrets

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He built a legacy on the gridiron. Now he’s building properties! Hear Emmitt’s challenges and triumphs in his real estate career and his specific advice about finding opportunities. This is one episode you will want to play on repeat!



#8   How He Bought Over 100 Units in Nine Months

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He was even a schoolteacher at one point. Our guest is limitless and decided that he wanted to jump into real estate all of a sudden. He then thought apartment complexes would be a good idea, hear how he purchased over 100 units in the last nine months!



#9   Tony Hawk Shares His Not-So-Easy Path to Becoming the Premier Skater Brand

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You most likely played his video game, Tony Hawk joins us and shares the highlights and low lights of his career in skating and becoming an icon in the industry.



#10  Morning Routines, Her Best Tip for Accomplishing Your Goals, and More of Your Questions Answered With Fitness Expert Jillian Michaels!

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Our guest today is none other than the fitness icon Jillian Michaels. She was nice enough to share some of her Best Ever Advice with us, I highly suggest you make the most of it with pencil and paper ready! Jillian answers many of our listeners own questions along with sharing some of her personal life with us. What a truly inspiring and genuine person, she backs up all of her talk by staying committed every single day to her goals and family. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!




If you enjoyed and found value from listening to these episodes, head on over to the Best Ever Blog for even more lessons, like the 6 creative ways to break into multifamily syndication.


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