Best Ever Show Real Estate Advice

JF 150: The 4 Step Process to Build Your Biz Line of Credit

Want more purchasing power? Learn how to create and increase a biz line of credit. It’s that simple my friend. Let’s go!

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[spp-tweet “Anything too easy makes you lose your focus.”]

Brandon Luke’s real estate background:

–        U.S. Army veteran, entrepreneur and real estate investor

–        Purchased first house in 2007 and is shifting focus to multifamily

–        Based in Tucson, Arizona and you can say hi to him at

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Best Ever Show Real Estate Advice

JF65: Wanna…Role Play? Wink Wink

This interview takes an unexpected and deliciously wonderful turn when today’s Best Ever guest asks to role play so he can share with you how to smoothly bring up prospecting for your biz in any setting.

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[spp-tweet ”  When you know what to say the fear goes away.”]

Karl Krentzel’s real estate background:

–        Been in real estate for 18 years

–        Did 75 real estate transactions in one year (his best one, obvi)

–        Host of popular podcast called The Red Pill Investor

–        Based in Tucson, Arizona

–        Visit him at

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