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JF618: Where She Found a $60,000 Duplex that Yielded $1,500 a Month!

She is the TOP female real estate agent in her area and sells luxury properties with multi million volumes year after year! She purchased a duplex for $60,000 and earns a fabulous cap. rate. She speaks of gratitude and passion while being smart and investing in excellent school districts. Pull out a notepad and tune in!

Best Ever Tweet:

Victoria Valle real estate background:

  • Been a real estate agent since 1999 and has been voted best realtor in 2015 by the Toledo City Paper
  • In the top 1% of all agents in NW Ohio and top female agent in the area
  • Say hi to her at
  • She invests in residential real estate in the Toledo area
  • Based in Toledo, Ohio
  • Best Ever book: Halftime by Bob Buford

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Best Ever Show Real Estate Advice

JF410: He Lost $25,000, but Learned This Valuable Lesson #situationsaturday

“Measure twice, cut once,” are wise words that our Best Ever guest should have adopted on a particularly sticky deal. He is known as the Real Estate Dingo, Engelo Rumora, and he is back on the show to share an unfavorable situation that could have been avoided. Engelo is a growing investor in the Ohio area with a savvy team, hear what he did wrong and how he made it right!

Best Ever Tweets:

Engelo Rumora’s background:

  • Trying to buy back his time doing 100 hr weeks
  • Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton and Columbus
  • From Australia
  • Known as “The Real Estate Dingo”
  • Works with many investors in Ohio
  • Say hi to 

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Best Ever Show Real Estate Advice

JF 52: A Different Kind of Due Diligence

We all think about due diligence as research on the property we’re going to buy. But, today’s Best Ever guest talks about the importance of conducting more due diligence on his team than the market or property. And he would know because he has invested in Australia, Kansas City, Upstate New York and Ohio…so he’s implemented this advice successfully many times over.

Tweetable quote:

Do more due diligence on your team than your market.

Engelo Rumora’s real estate background:

–        Started with $40,000 in savings and bought first house in 2011 in Australia

–        Then, 6 months later purchased 7 more in Australia and the U.S.

–        Portfolio is valued over $1,000,000

–        Can be found at

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