JF923: How He STARTED with a Condo AND a 20-Unit Apartment Complex

Not many investors start how ours did. He began with a condo and 20-unit apartment acquisition and the rest is history! He even owns the majority of a street around one of his investment properties, turn up the volume and grab a pen!

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Himanshu Jain Real Estate Background:

– Founder & CEO of Invest with Himanshu & Om Haven Properties, LLC
– Specializing in single and multifamily properties, REO’s, Rehab and Flips
– He owns almost the whole street as part of his one of the multi Family Deals
– Goal is to own and manage around 200 units in next five years
– Based in Saint Louis, Missouri
– Say hi to him at http://www.investwithhimanshu.com
– Best Ever Book: Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller

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