JF917: How He Rehabbed and Refinanced an 8+ Unit Quickly!

Leaving the corporate world after graduating our guest was ready to do something greater… real estate investing on a multiunit level! Hear how he acquired, rehab, and refinanced and 8+ unit apartment property and what he’s up to now!

Best Ever Tweet:

Nick Baldo Real Estate Background:

– Owner at NY Home Solutions
– Began investing part time in 2011 on rehab properties, went full time in ’14 after profiting on flips/rental properties
– Currently focused on value-added real estate investing while also launching a luxury home remodeling company
– Also created and manages the real estate education site Income Digs, that helps investors get started
– Based in Buffalo, New York
– Say hi to him at http://www.nyhsolutions.com/
– Best Ever Book: The Alchemist

Click here for a summary of Nicks’ Best Ever advice: http://bit.ly/2mGOWLx

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