Syndication School Series Two: The Importance of Investment Experience and Education

In the second Syndication School series, we will discuss the two main requirements before you are ready to start your apartment syndication business.

In part 1, we cover the first requirement – real estate investment experience.

In part 2, we cover the second requirement – the real estate investor education requirements.

Part 1: The Experience Requirements

What you will learn:

  • Why a successful background in real estate and/or business can translate to a successful syndication business
  • Questions to ask yourself to evaluate your business and real estate background
  • Rank your “investment experience” on a scale from 1 to 10
  • Based on your ranking, determine whether you can move onto the education phase or if you need to focus on building a track record in business and/or real estate first

Click here to listen to Part 1: The Experience Requirements.

Part 2: The Education Requirements

What you will learn:

  • The obvious and not so obvious benefits of an apartment syndication education
  • The first step in your apartment syndication education process – memorizing the important terminology
  • Three other creative ways to obtain an apartment syndication education

FREE RESOURCE: Master the Lingo

  • Click here to download the FREE Master The Lingo presentation, which has a list of over 80 apartment syndication terms, including the definitions and real-world examples, that you need to memorize and know how to immediately calculate before you are ready to become an apartment syndicator.

Click here to listen to Part 2: The Education Requirements.


To further your education, check out our Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book. This book is designed for people who are interested in buying apartment communities but lack apartment investing experience. The book is also perfect for you if you cannot access private capital or if you’re struggling to find a strong deal. You can also benefit from this book if you don’t know how to execute business plans.

Also, take advantage of our free resources for apartment syndicators.

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