Syndication School Series Four: The Best Rental Property Investment Strategy

In this Syndication School series, we will discuss the first two steps in Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Success Formula and how to apply those steps to your apartment syndication business.

In part 1, we cover step one of Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Success Formula – Know Your Outcome.

In part 2, we cover step two of Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Success Formula – Know Your Why.

Part 1: Know Your Outcome

What you will learn:

  • Tony Robbins’ Five-Step Ultimately Syndication Success Formula
  • The Apartment Syndication Money Question: How do you make money as an apartment syndicator?
  • How to set your first 12-month apartment syndication goal

FREE RESOURCE: Annual Income Calculator

Click here to listen to Part 1: Know Your Outcome.

Part 2: Know Your Why

What you will learn:

  • Why you need to create a compelling vision for your future as an apartment syndicator
  • A six-question exercise for how to create your syndication vision
  • Mindset strategy for how to approach not achieving your specific, quantifiable goal
  • How to follow through and persist with your goals

FREE RESOURCE: Tony Robbins Goal Setting Exercise

  • Click here to download your free resource, Tony Robbins Goal Setting Exercise. Watch the 35-minute goal setting video by Tony Robbins and complete four-step goal setting exercise for your apartment syndication business.

Click here to listen to Part 2: Know Your Why.

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Joe Fairless