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Reviews from Clients and Investors

As a mentor Joe is able to give smart and insightful feedback while truly feeling like he has nothing but your best interest at heart.  He’s experienced and trustworthy, constantly pushing me to reach my potential.  I honestly would recommend Joe to any of my friends who are looking to talk to someone about their goals and how to achieve them.
Alexis D

Joe has great credentials to be a teacher. He is the exact type of person that I can learn so much from. He is amazingly successful and so eager to share.
Jessica K.

Joe is a very unique person. He can get along with anyone, respects everyone, and always leaves room for other people’s opinions. He is always looking for ways to help others succeed, and relentlessly works to help others achieve their goals. In tough situations, he is always calm and challenges others to think outside of the box to find a solution. He is dependable, hard-working, and just plain awesome.
Vinny S

As a veteran of the marketing industry, Joe has unique insights that you can learn from him–some not typically found in real estate courses. In addition to taking his advice, you would benefit to model his confidence, thoroughness, and people-skills.
Christopher C.

Joe definitely knows what he’s talking about because he’s done it.
Conrad G.

Joe was excellent in presenting his ideas and how he used them to create static monthly income a reality.
Stephen B.

Joe is a great teacher and you’ll come out with some great action steps.
Melissa M.

Learned a ton and Joe was super prepared and made everything really easy to understand.
Nick Z

Joe is up front about what he does and does not do as a landlord, and made the whole concept of real estate investing seem a bit more manageable.
Max D

I’m learning that real estate is an incredible investment – anyone who wants to get serious about it should start with Joe.
Tyler L

Very knowledgeable. He talks only about investments he made in REI, and that’s what we need. I strongly recommend anyone who has made limited or none Investments in Real Estate.
Nikhil P

He conveys his experience and advice in a way that lowers the barrier to succeeding as he has.
Brendan Q

I took Joe’s class and two things were very apparent. First his excellent presentation skills. He was able to crispy deliver what can seem like a difficult material in a very clear and concise way making it easy to understand even for those new to real estate. Second was the amount of knowledge Joe possesses on real estate investing. That was evident in the interaction with the students, some of who had very specific difficult questions not part of the presentations, and Joe was able to quickly and accurately respond.
Alberto B

Definitely informative. It’s helpful that he’s done exactly what he’s preaching.
Zachary B

Joe’s class was inspiring for those of us interested in real estate investing. great tips from real-life experience!
Cynthia T

Joe is a very versatile person with many experiences under his belt; his instructions are very organized and concise. There wasn’t anything he shared that wasn’t informative.
Jessica O

Joe has really shifted my mindset to the mindset of an investor. Joe was very personable and gave a lot of really great information. I hope to put his advice in practice very soon.
Leyla W

Joe has a very well organized, thorough, and concise teaching style. He kept my attention throughout the class, and had some really important and meaningful concepts and words of wisdom to share. I would definitely recommend taking the class.
Blaise B

This class was very helpful, and opened my eyes to the benefits in investing in real-estate.
Jessica K

Someone suggested real estate investment to me years ago but it seemed to complex and time-consuming to bother with. Joe’s class actually dispelled my preconceptions. This now seems like something eminently manageable … and definitely worth pursuing.
Jo Ann G

Joe makes things easy to understand, and he makes investing seem easy. Time for me to get started!
Derek K

Joe took what could be a very dry and difficult subject- real estate investments- and broke it down into logical, easily understandable terms. He gave great, well rounded advice with personal anecdotes to, as they say, put his money where his mouth is. Highly recommend if you’re looking into new ways to grow your monies.
Rob S.

This was a great and thoughtful class. Joe offers simple, applicable and effective techniques one can use to navigate the world of real estate to create a stable revenue stream. I recommend it to anyone, regardless of whether you have considered real estate as possibility before.
Sid E.

Joe is the man. You will learn lots from him. Quit waffling and take his class already!
Joshua G

This was a very good eye-opener on the basic principals of investing, with an explicit focus on real estate. Joe was a very sociable teacher and provides a lot of resources to draw upon. You will have to do quite a bit of note-taking, but it’s all simple advice that’s really helpful if you’re in the position to do a little investing on the side. Hint: No get rich schemes here.
Nathan G.

This class was a great intro into real estate, done by someone who has done everything that he teaches about. Well worth the money and time. Joe is a gem.
Natasha M

Joe, I want to thank you for teaching a truly phenomenal class! Although I was somewhat skeptical at first, in 2 hours you proved to me that real estate is the best investment I could ever make. You showed me a shortcut to success if I just find the right mentors. More than anything else however, you inspired me to realize that money is just a means to help me live the life of my dreams.
Shir A.

Joe is an excellent presenter and is a growing expert in this area. He’s clear, totally knowledgeable and transparent with his information, which is extensive. If you want to know how to break into real estate investment, Joe is your go to guy.
Tarren S.

Joe is a fantastic resource for those who want to create streams of passive income. He provided valuable information and tips as well as shared his personal experience that inspires to take action. He is a great facilitator who presents in a clear and to the point style. Anyone who is a beginner in the field of investing into real estate with walk away with tons of valuable knowledge and advice that will save them years and thousands of dollars spent trying to figure it out on their own.
Polina S.

He really structures it in a way that ANYONE, regardless of their knowledge or financial status, can understand his methods and leave the class with the steps to start on their own goals right away. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to learn more about making their money work for them.
Noah D.

Joe is an incredible teacher. He was extremely easy to understand, articulate, and knowledgeable. Joe offered the audience many opportunities to ask questions, making for an open discussion that was intelligent, comfortable, and interesting. I would highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone and will likely take it again myself in the near future.
Eric S.

Joe is especially effective because he isn’t a full-time investment professional or academic. Because he comes from a more creative background, his story is inspiring and empowering for all novices looking to get their feet wet in actively managing their own finances.
Phil B

Joe’s class was exactly what I was looking for. It was straightforward and practical with information I felt like I could put to work immediately. He was very open and honest and truly interested in helping others see the same success in real estate that he has seen.
Brandon E.

I would highly recommend Joe’s session – even if real estate is not your thing, there is a lot to be gained from his clear vision, approach and execution of a financial investment plan.
Gautam A

Joe has developed a niche in the property investment field which is clearly working and makes a world of sense once you get into it.
Kim H.

Joe offers a very interesting option for people that are looking for a way to augment their income passively. His system seems very matter-of-fact and rational. From my perspective, It just takes guts and a bit of a learning curve to achieve – but like all successful investments, you need to know what you are doing & there seems like there is a learning curve.
Mark S.

Very insightful class. Joe gives great tips and life changing information. If you need a mentor you just found one.
Oscar A

As someone who has taken Real Estate Finance at the graduate level Joe’s class provides a nice compliment by providing real world strategies and tips that are essential to any would be real estate investor.
Nafees N

Handy, straightforward advice. Joe’s approachable demeanor and eagerness to help students made the class that much better.
Miachel P.

Joe knows his stuff and is great at explaining and walking you through his entire process.
Adrian L.

Joe was very thorough and open in his teaching, sharing details of his own properties and precise financial numbers. His personal story refutes the idea that one needs to be Donald Trump to make money in real estate. His approach to real estate is relatable, inspirational, and – importantly – profitable. He provides his the details of his investment strategies in easy-to-understand terms, as well as a few of his strokes of luck, mistakes, and lessons learned along the way. Joe is an experienced investor and a great teacher, and his course is very practical and actionable.
Jeff W.

His class is especially interesting for freelancers/independents who want to understand one way to have a more predictable stream of income.
Ashley T.

He takes what would seem like a complicated approach and uses his own real estate investing experiences making the concepts very easy to understand as you start to think about ways to diversify. I left this class curious and thirsty for more information.
Taylor C

A lot of classes like this tend to be pretty high-level, vague, and only useful if you fit a certain income bracket (and usually much higher than mine.) Luckily, this was not the case with Joe’s. He gets down to all of the specifics, provides you with concrete tools and steps you can take, and is even willing to mentor you as you work towards your own financial independence. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.
Eileen G.

Joe is a real estate rock star.
Holly W.

Great class for all levels. I am a newbie and found Joe to be very inspiring. He really broke it down into something that seems possible. I’ve always been discouraged by investing classes, as they always make it sound like you need tons of money to start, but Joe shows that it really doesn’t take a lot of money to start.
Julie A.

I’ve always been curious about real estate and Joe lays it out in a very clear and digestible way. The class introduced me to a new way of thinking about investing that I had never been exposed to before.

I found this class to be incredibly helpful for someone who who isn’t interested in real estate as a career but as a means to bring in additional cash. Joe based his talk on his own experience and the trial and errors he’s encountered, which made the class about real situations and less about what you ‘should do’ or generic best practices. He made it real to us, explaining how you can get started with a tight budget.
Carla B.

This class was my first foray into the world of personal investing and real estate. Joe could not have made it any simpler or easier to understand. His approach to investing is a no-nonsense, sensible and effective way for anyone to get into the field. I left his class feeling motivated and determined to apply his lesson as soon as possible.
Devin Q.

Joe brought examples of his own experiences and walked us through the actual numbers of his real estate deals. He helped me understand investment and wealth creation in an entirely new way. Real estate is something I have been meaning to learn more about and this was a great first step. I left the class feeling motivated and confident in looking into some potential real estate deals.
Nick G.

Joe blew our collective minds. He helped us break through the conventional wisdom about how to be smart with your money in a way no one had ever done for me before. His class took us from crawling, to walking, to being ready to run in the span of 1.5 hours.
GianCarlo P.

As someone who has “read a lot” but didn’t know where to begin, I found his class to be informative and yet a SIMPLE blueprint from which I can follow faithfully or tailor to my own risk tolerances and preferences. Simply put his class provided CLEAR and REALISTIC advice that I can and will use NOW.
Russell B.

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