JF916: High End House Hacking in Seattle!

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House hacking seems to be the way to go and especially get started in real estate. Our guest did so with Microsoft employees, high tenants who rented rooms while our guest lived in the master. More to come in this episode, tune in!

Best Ever Tweet:

Jeremy Jones Real Estate Background:

– Real estate investor and musician
– In 2002 was working full-time at Microsoft and acquired a rent-by-the-room rental home
– In 2012, partnered with his brother to build a portfolio of multifamily rentals in Seattle
– Received a GRAMMY Nomination in 2014 for playing drums in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis album The Heist
– Based in Seattle, Washington
– Say hi to him at http://www.jeremyjonesmusic.com
– Best Ever Book: Autobiography of a Yogi

Click here for a summary of Jeremy’s Best Ever advice: http://bit.ly/2lBp2ZZ

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