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JF862: Landlord Paying for Utilities? Plus Large Multifamily Acquisitions

Are you a landlord, and would you pay for the tenant’s utilities? Our guest talks about an acquisition that he slowly convert it into a largely accommodated stay while he covers some of the electric bill due to high utility prices. It works out in his business as he has developed a reimbursement program, hear how he is doing it!

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Ivan Barratt Real Estate Background:

– Founder and CEO of Barratt Asset Management
– His companies manage 100 million in assets comprising over 1,300 units
– Since 2010, he has raised over $10 million in equity
– Focuses on the acquisition, redevelopment and management of multi-family income producing properties
– Based in Indianapolis, Indiana
– Say hi to him at
– Best Ever Book: Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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