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JF841: Million Dollar Relationships, Helping the Homeless, and Wholesaling Apartment Complexes

Real estate is honestly about who you know and marketing, and that’s exactly what our guest did. He started off just by showing up and looking the part. He later found opportunities to help the homeless, wholesale properties, and even apartment complexes! Hear about his deals!

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Brian Collins Real Estate Background:

– President/Founder of BPC Investments & Development LLC
– Began buying and selling real estate in 2007, specializes in rehabbing houses that are abandoned or foreclosed
– Consulting to over 200 investors about system discovered and teaching strategies
– Based in Los Angeles, California
– Say hi to him at

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  • Andy Cross December 21, 2016   Reply →

    Hey Joe…loyal listener here. Not sure if your guest is aware, but the URL he gave isn’t pulling his site. I’m really interested in knowing how he got into one of the deals where he mentioned receiving hard money with no money out of pocket. I don’t think you probed that further; unless you edited that out.

    • Joe Fairless December 22, 2016   Reply →

      Andy, great catch. I updated the link so it should be working now. And more importantly, thanks for listening!

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