JF802: Google Adwords Aren’t Dead and In Fact Will Make You a BIG SHOT Over Time #SituationSaturday

November 12, 2016 | Joe Fairless |
Best Ever Show Real Estate Advice from experts

JF802: Google Adwords Aren’t Dead and In Fact Will Make You a BIG SHOT Over Time #SituationSaturday

Google Adwords were extremely possible 10 years ago, and now with all these social media streams people veer away from them. That’s a mistake! Today you will hear from our guests who have tried and tested Google Adwords and have built many entrepreneur’s businesses through lead generation.

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Dan Barrett & Nick Perry Real Estate Background:

– Head Nerd at AdWords Nerds, which helps real estate investors get more leads and deals with paid traffic
– AdWords is Certified Google Partners, the highest rating Google gives out
– Partnering with Investor Carrot, 1800FairOffer, Investor Fuse, Joe McCall, Tom Krol, Alex Joungblood.
– Based in Middletown, Connecticut
– Geat a FREE strategy session from Dan at http://adwordsnerds.com/strategy
– Say hi to Nick at https://www.wanttosellnow.com/

Want an inbox full of online leads? Get a FREE strategy session with Dan Barrett who is the only certified Google partner that exclusively works with real estate investors like us.

Go to http://www.adwordsnerds.com strategy to schedule the appointment.

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