JF799: How to BOOST Your Profits Per Hour, Direct Mail, and High End Construction

November 09, 2016 | Joe Fairless |
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JF799: How to BOOST Your Profits Per Hour, Direct Mail, and High End Construction

So you’re deciding if you should wholesale or rehab your new found deal… Well have you asked yourself how much time and energy it takes to rehab? Today you are going to hear why some deals are better to simply wholesale while others make more sense to fix and flip. You will also hear about how our guest went from accounting to a direct mail business and why he loves high-end flips.

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Justin Silverio Real Estate Background:

– Founder of Open Letter Marketing, a direct mail company for investors
– Managing Member at JS2 Homes LLC, his own investment company on rehabbing, redeveloping and wholesaling
– Prior to starting his company, Justin was an accountant in the private equity space
– Over 10 years experience in the investment industry
– Based in Boston, Massachusetts
– Say hi to him at http://www.thebostoninvestor.com
– Best Ever Book: Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller

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