JF796: How to Decide Your Exit Strategy in a Deal #SkillsetSunday

November 06, 2016 | Joe Fairless |
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JF796: How to Decide Your Exit Strategy in a Deal #SkillsetSunday

There may be many ways to enter a deal, but what do you do once you sign? Are the terms you negotiated favorable enough to allow a creative exit? This episode is for you! Learn the number out ways to exit a deal like “wholetail”, wholesale, or retail, it will save you thousands!

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Ron Carlson Real Estate Background:

– Owner & General Contractor at Renovation Gurus
– Began as a wholesaler and built up enough capital to start flipping houses
– Speaker at REI Groups around the country
– Rehabs 15 to 20 properties a month
– Done over 200 transactions
– Based in Dallas, Texas
– Say hi to him at www.renovationgurus.com

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