JF795: Know What Really Matters and Never Compromise Your Self Worth with Your Net Worth #SituationSaturday

November 05, 2016 | Joe Fairless |
Best Ever Show Real Estate Advice from experts

JF795: Know What Really Matters and Never Compromise Your Self Worth with Your Net Worth #SituationSaturday

Some live to invest, but others invest to live. Keeping your priorities straight is extremely important especially when other people are vested partners in real estate deals, and these are people you love. Today we will hear from someone who was extremely successful before the crash but made some mistakes that ended up costing him and the others that surrounded him. Don’t make the same mistakes and keep your pride in check.

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Damion Lupo Real Estate Background:

– Founder and CEO of Total Control Financial, Inc.; A FinTech startup
– Owner of an 8 figure real estate empire and has more than 30 businesses and companies
– Author of 6 books – Raised a million dollars in 85 days
– Founded his own martial art company, Yokido™
– Based in Austin, Texas
– Say hi to him at http://hello.totalcontrolfinancial.com/bestever/

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