JF763: Over 1,000 Deals Done Through a Network He Built By Doing This…

October 04, 2016 | Joe Fairless |

JF763: Over 1,000 Deals Done Through a Network He Built By Doing This…

You probably wonder what he did, he simply did real estate. He found more buyers and sellers by doing more moneymaking activities in real estate. He started as a broker and jumped into several investment opportunities. Hear how he did it! Best Ever Tweet: Be willing to fail to achieve. Fabian Calvo Real Estate Background: – Founder and President of the real estate investment firm “The Note House” – Creator of the world renowned “Resourceful Real Estate Academy” and “Resourceful Entrepreneur Academy” – Closed thousands of real estate transactions, tens of millions in purchases and sales in over 30 markets in U.S. – Author of The Winners Advantage, The Resourceful Real Estate Academy, and Yes You Can – Based in Dunedin, Florida – Say hi to him at fabiancalvo.me – Best Ever Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Want an inbox full of online leads? Get a FREE strategy session with Dan Barrett who is the only certified Google partner that exclusively works with real estate investors like us. Go to http://www.adwordsnerds.com strategy to schedule the appointment. Subscribe to Joe’s YouTube Channel here to learn multifamily and raising money tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwTzctSEMu4L0tKN2b_esfg Subscribe in iTunes  and  Stitcher  so you don’t miss an episode!

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