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JF574: LIVE-IN FLIP and His Plan to Contract the Work!

Today’s guest is about to jump into his first fix and flip while he invests on the side. He won’t actually live in it during the flip (he will have his contractor rehab the home while he is absent), but it will be an owner occupied home. He is slowly but surely buying rentals and building his wealth!

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Tyler Flagg real estate background:

  • Owns three properties in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • In process of closing on a HUD foreclosure for his primary residence then will flip it for practice
  • Been a pilot in the United States Air Force since 2011
  • His Best Ever book: Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

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  • Jeri McCall March 30, 2016   Reply →

    I listened to the JF574 podcast with Tyler Flagg and he mentioned an app that he was using to evaluate properties. I’ve looked at the apps available via Apple but can’t find anything for flipping houses, only rentals. Other than the Bigger Pockets analysis tool, which is only available to Pro members, can you suggest an app for flippers?

    • Joe Fairless April 25, 2016   Reply →

      Hi @@jerimccall:disqus, I’m not sure because I don’t flip but help me understand more of what you’re looking for. What do you want the app to do?

      • Jeri McCall April 25, 2016   Reply →

        Help analyze whether a property is a good deal or not, or at what price it would be. It sounded like the app he was using would do that. I’ve looked at a couple of apps and they just don’t work well. I’ve looked at the analyzing tools that Bigger Pickets has, and they’re good, but at this point I can’t afford the Pro package that is required to have unlimited access to them.

        • Joe Fairless April 25, 2016   Reply →

          Got it. I’d email Tyler directly and ask him. It is tyler@ragnarrealtyDOTcom

          • Jeri McCall April 25, 2016  

            Thank you.

  • Roberts Daniels September 5, 2016   Reply →

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