JF489: How a Mortgage Investor Makes Money Helping Lenders and Borrowers

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You think you’ve heard all the ways you can earn a profit in real estate…but how about being a matchmaker? Today’s guest marries lenders (hard money) and borrowers together and collects a humble spread–and does it over and over again! Hear how this seemingly difficult process is earning him a fortune.
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Make your money work for you; don’t work for your money.
Fernando Angelucci’s Real Estate Background:

National real estate lender with recent expansion in international markets
Specializes in rehab lending, self storage facilities, commercial income properties and residential renovations
Based in Chicago, Illinois
His Best Ever book is Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferrisand he also recommends The Bankers Code by George Antone
Say hi to him at titanwealthgroup.com or http://www.afterthepodcast.com

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