JF403: $500 Cash to Begin Your Millionaire Mobile Home Empire #situationsaturday

Low on funds? No problem! Most areas of suburban cities provide mobile homes…double wide manufactured cash cows! Our Best Ever guest shares a skill that will put your five Benjamins to the test…and here’s the kicker, he’s sure that you will pay off the mobile home in a matter of months…100% ROI!
Best Ever Tweet:
Make offers to EVERYONE that you can!
John Fedro’s background:

Full time real estate investor for 12 years focused on mobile homes
Say hi to him at http://www.mobilehomeinvesting.net
Based in Austin, Texas
Listen to his Best Advice Ever here: https://joefairless.com/blog/podcast/jf357-wanna-invest-in-mobile-homes-heres-everything-ya-gotta-know/  

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You find the deals. We’ll fund them. Yes, it’s that simple. Fund That Flip is an online lender that provides fast and affordable capital to real estate investors. We make funding your projects easy so you can focus on what you do best…rehabilitating homes. Learn more at www.fundthatflip.com/bestever.

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