JF31: Scale the Top of the Real Estate Mountain by Learning This One Skill

What if, instead of specializing on a particular niche in real estate investing, you raised money for the deals and partnered with experienced real estate investors who actually manage and execute the deals?

Today’s Best Ever guest considers himself a money manager.  He believes raising and organizing money is the top of the real estate mountain and thinks other investors should learn the skillset. I agree.

Tune in to listen to his Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever!

Bryan Hancock’s real estate background:

        Currently has over 40 development projects in Austin, Texas

        His funds have raised more than $13,000,000 for real estate development in Austin, Texas over last 2 years

        Plans to raise $25,000,000 in the next year

        Founder of Inner 10 Capital (http://www.inner10capital.com/)

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