JF2636: Crooked Contractor on a $10M Project with Joe DiSanto #SituationSaturday

November 20, 2021 | Joe Fairless | 00:42:35

JF2636: Crooked Contractor on a $10M Project with Joe DiSanto #SituationSaturday

Are the general practices of general contractors just unsavory? In Joe’s experience, the contractor on his $10M project tried to take advantage of every opportunity he could get and with hundreds of thousands of dollars being added, Joe had to find a way to make it work. Listen to Joe and Ash discuss enforcing a contract and penalties, working together with an enemy for a year, and how to get accurate references.


Joe DiSanto Real Estate Background: 

  • Works part-time as a fractional CFO for 6 companies and 1 family office
  • Portfolio consists of 11 residential rentals, 2 commercial buildings, and 1 piece of raw land
  • Based in Providence, RI
  • Say hi to him at: https://www.playlouder.com/

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