JF2513: The Urban Development Framework with Franklin Spees

Franklin Spees wasn’t new to the property management game when he and his wife decided to start a company of their own soon out of college. Fast forward to today, and he’s working on developing 74 2,000 square-foot commercial units. Tune in to learn about the 4-step process to effective condo conversions, how to successfully pre-lease before construction is even completed, and why land ownership may be your next business venture.


Franklin Spees Real Estate Background:

  • CA licensed broker, attorney, consultant, syndicator, and property manager
  • Currently VP and Partner of a law firm
  • Owns a small portfolio of single families, small multifamily with a few passive LP positions in multifamily syndications
  • 20+ years experience
  • Based in Fresno, CA
  • Say hi to him at: www.NeighborhoodREI.com
  • Best Ever Book: Multifamily Millions & The 4-Hour Workweek



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