JF2236: Sophisticated Advertising Strategies With Kevin Urrutia

Kevin is the Founder of Voy Media and is an expert in growing brands using sophisticated paid advertising strategies. Kevin was very open in today’s episode with sharing multiple ways to help you grow your own business through some great online organic and paid strategies.

Kevin Urrutia (U-root-tea-a) Real Estate Background: #skillset

  • Founder of Voy Media
  • Expert in growing brands using sophisticated paid advertising strategies
  • Based in New York, NY
  • Say hi to him at: https://voymedia.com/
  • Best Ever Book: Dot Com Secrets

Click here for more info on groundbreaker.co


Best Ever Tweet:

“Utilizing organic content from users who are posting on Facebook, Instagram, or twitter usually end up working better for us” – Kevin Urrutia

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