JF2161: Two Losses and One Big Win With John Stoj #SkillsetSunday

August 02, 2020 | Joe Fairless | 00:24:03

JF2161: Two Losses and One Big Win With John Stoj #SkillsetSunday

John has battled with failure throughout his journey to starting a successful business and has gone from having a business to completely losing it 2 times over. He shares how he pivoted and took those lessons to implement it into a business providing food to universities. He gives advice on how he scaled his business and eventually sold it for a profit.


John Stoj Real Estate Background:

  • Spent 14 years on Wall Street from 1992-2006 
  • Raised $300 Million for a distressed hedge fund
  • Has started and grown multiple businesses
  • Based in Atlanta, GA
  • Say hi to him at  www.verbatimfinancial.com  

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Best Ever Tweet:

“First thing you need to think about when it comes to scaling is, what do you want to do, what do you want to make and what can you make?” – John Stoj

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