JF2032 : Creating a Win-Win-Win With Sterling Chapman

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Sterling is the President at Crestworth Capital, a new venture into syndication. In 18 months he has built a $1.5 million portfolio consisting of 26 small multi-family units. Sterling shares an example on one of his deals with a duplex where he was able to get creative and develop a win-win-win strategy. 


Sterling Chapman Real Estate Background:

  • President at Crestworth Capital
  • Finance degree from LSU
  • Over the last 18 months, he has built $1.5 million portfolio
  • 26 small multifamily units
  • The host of REI podcast “The Rent Roll Radio Show”
  • Based in Baton Rouge, LA
  • Say hi to him at https://crestworthcapital.com/


Best Ever Tweet:

“I typically try to stay away from buying rentals in flood zones because it does hurt your cash flow.” – Sterling Chapman

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