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JF1613: Top Apartment Syndication Questions We Get #FollowAlongFriday with Joe & Theo

Joe received an email with a lot of apartment syndication questions recently. He decided to make an entire episode answering the questions. The questions Joe will be answering are:


I was curious about syndication deal structure. I’m curious what types of deal structures are typical as far as preferred return vs equity split?

For instance, if you offer a 6% preferred return, what kind of equity split is reasonable? How does that split change if you move to an 8% preferred return?

Also, length of investment. What’s your experience with how fast investors are generally looking to get their money back? 3-5 years? 10 years?

Lastly, refinancing. Does Ashcroft capital keep investors in the deal after refinancing and paying back initial capital? If so, does the equity split change at that point?


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