JF1389: How Do You Break Into The Apartment Syndication Industry With No Experience? #FollowAlongFriday with Joe and Theo

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Most of this episode was inspired by someone who wrote Joe asking to intern. If you want to work for someone operating at a high level, listen to Joe’s tips on how to reach out to them. They also discuss other ways someone can get into syndication with little to no experience. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!   Best Ever Tweet: “Good is no longer good enough, we have to be outstanding”   Mentioned in this episode:   JF1054: Getting Paid to Raise Capital Without Being a Broker-Dealer with Amy Wan   JF1353: How To Win Over An Apartment Broker (From An Apartment Broker) with Thomas T Furlow   Get more real estate investing tips every week by subscribing for our newsletter at BestEverNewsLetter.com   Made Possible Because of Our Best Ever Sponsor: List and manage your property all from one platform with Rentler. Once listed you can: accept applications, screen tenants, accept payments and receive maintenance tickets all in one place – and all free for landlords. Go to tryrentler.com/bestever to get started today!

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