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JF112: Can’t Sell a House? DON’T Lower the Price. Do this Instead…

Here’s a blueprint for selling your house when you haven’t been able to sell it before. Our Best Ever guest walks you through the step-by-step process. Let’s go!

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Jennifer Allan Hagedorn’s real estate background:

–        Author of a nearly a dozen books on topic of real estate sales including Sell with Soul

–        Been a real estate agent since 1996 and recognized as top producer for multiple years

–        Member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame

–        Say hi at 

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  • national prop April 20, 2017   Reply →

    The idea behind attracting a house buyeris easy with few workouts on your side. Follow this simple tips on selling your house fast
    1) Get rid of furniture that you do not need anymore and create space. This will make your house look bigger and attract home buyers.
    2) Change old carpets/rugs if any.
    3) Fix the problem areas of your house like an water leakage etc.
    4) Clear all your bills that are overdue.

    For more ideas on how to sell your house fast visit

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