Top 10 Facts About Joe Fairless

Taught over 100 pre-school children while working at daycare in college (was called Mr. Joe)

Controls over $900,000,000 worth of real estate

Was the youngest VP at a NYC ad agency

Attends more Third Eye Blind concerts than anyone you know (yes, they still tour)

Team captain of championship flag football team

Performed stand-up comedy at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC

Wrote The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Book

Host of the world’s longest running daily real estate podcast

Raised over $1,000,000 from private investors for his first multi-family deal (That ain't typical)

Knew after 1 month of meeting Colleen she was the love of his life

Joe Fairless

A Message From Joe

If money wasn’t an object, how would your life change? Would you spend more time with your children? Would you start a nonprofit organization like you’ve been talking about for years? Maybe you’d quit your current job and find one you truly enjoy.

Whatever your answer is, I bet financial freedom would lead you to do more good, and that’s my focus.

My name is Joe Fairless, and my life’s purpose is to help people achieve financial success. I believe reaching your financial goals means you can pursue the passions and adventures that excite you the most. I believe freedom could lead to great things, because people not burdened by finances have the ability to do more good.

But I wasn’t always this way. At an advertising agency in New York, I climbed the corporate ladder, rising from a junior project manager to a vice president before my 30th birthday. One day, however, I realized that path was not one I wanted to spend my life walking. Working solely for the paycheck left me unfulfilled. So I left the advertising industry altogether.

That’s when I dedicated myself full-time to learning about real estate. I went to seminars, read books, and received mentorship from inspiring people who had already accomplished what I wanted to do.

When I left the advertising world in 2012, I owned four single-family homes that produced monthly income. Following a roller coaster six months filled with intense, fun, challenging and emotional moments, I raised $1,000,000 from private investors and closed on a 168-unit apartment community. It was my first big break.

Today, I control more than $900,000,000 worth of real estate. I’ve written three books, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Volumes I and II, and the Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book, which include advice from some of the smartest people in real estate.

I also have my own podcast, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show. It includes daily interviews with the successful real estate professionals who can provide the insight you need. The show has a mobile app, too, which you can download here.

To supplement the podcast, I also maintain a blog, which includes more than 1,300 helpful posts.

In other words: I know what I’m talking about when it comes to real estate investing. That’s probably why you’re reading this page now. But, to be clear, that’s not what I’m all about.

Don’t get me wrong: the majority of our time together will be spent on real estate investing. Nonetheless, my priority is to free up your most valuable resource—your time—so you can do more good.

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Joe Fairless