How to Perform an In-Depth Analysis of Your Target Real Estate Investment Market

Location, location, location. Every wise real estate investor understands how important it is to choose the right real estate market to invest in. And an essential step in this process is to conduct a real estate investment market analysis before you ever make an offer on a property.

In this Syndication School series, Theo Hicks will discuss the process of performing a more in-depth analysis of a market after selecting one or two target investment markets (which was discussed during the previous series).

Part 1: Immutable Laws and the Five-Step Process

What you will learn

  • The Three Immutable Laws of Real Estate Investing
  • The five-step process to understanding your target investment market – the 200-property analysis exercise

Free Resource:

Click here to listen to Part 1.

Part 2: Additional Market Analysis Strategies and Common Reports

What you will learn:

  • Seven other strategies to implement, in addition to the 200-property analysis, to gain a neighborhood-level understanding of your target investment market
  • How to create the two most common forms of real estate investment market analysis summary reports

Free Resource:

Click here to listen to Part 2.

Mastering how to analyze a market is key to claiming apartment properties in today’s most promising markets in both the short term and the long term. Fortunately, through our series and through our Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book, you can develop the skills you need to confidently perform a real estate investment market analysis before pursuing your next successful deal.

Contact me, Joe Fairless, to further explore the ins and outs of market analyses today. I’ll show you how the proper reports can help you protect your financial best interests in the years ahead.

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