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I design my life so I can spend time pursuing my passions and purpose. And, my life’s purpose is helping people achieve financial success. I believe when I help you achieve financial success; you too can use your time to pursue your passions and purpose. Whether it’s spend more time with your kids, starting a non-profit, pursuing a career that’s more fulfilling (and therefore you produce more positive results) or any number of other things. So, that’s my focus. To help you be in a position to “do more good.”

I now control over $300,000,000 worth of real estate. I know what I’m talking about when it comes to real estate investing. And, that’s probably why you came to this page – because of real estate investing. But that’s not what I’m about. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of our time together will be spent on real estate investing. Ultimately, it’s about freeing up your most valuable resource – your time – so you can spend it however you wish.

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