Though Joe’s investments reach all across the United States, his primary offices are based in Ohio.

Joe investment portfolio spans both Houston and Dallas, Texas.

Joe dove into books, attended seminars, and soaked up knowledge from as many industry leaders as he could. When he chose to leave advertising, he owned four single-family homes that were creating monthly income. Following an up-and-down six months in 2012, he raised $1,000,000 from 12 investors to secure his first big property: a 168-unit apartment community.

Six years later, he controls more than $301,000,000 worth of real estate.

Joe isn’t just out to make a quick dollar. He makes educated investment decisions isn’t afraid of walking away from a deal if it doesn’t meet the return goals of his passive investing partners.

Moreover, Joe cares about a lot more than making money. His goal is to give people the financial freedom they need to achieve what they want in life.

Apartment syndication, also referred to as multifamily syndication, is the act of raising money from private investors to purchase apartment buildings. Joe has been in the syndication business for a long time, and once you have gained the four skills you need prior to raising money for apartment deals, there are six creative ways for those who are interested to get their foot in the door:

  1. Find an off-market deal
  2. Conservatively underwrite deals
  3. Negotiate terms and get all legal docs in order
  4. Raise capital for an opportunity and be the ongoing point of contact for sources
  5. Secure debt financing (if applicable)
  6. Do property management

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An accredited investor is someone who meets certain financial requirements. Accredited investors are able to buy securities that are not available to the general public. In the United States, the Security and Exchange Commission states that you can hold that title if:

  1. You have an individual or joint net worth exceeding $1,000,000, excluding your primary residence.
  2. You made $200,000 or more in each of the last two years—or $300,000 between yourself and your spouse—and anticipate you’ll make at least as much this year.

If you don’t meet those requirements, you can still achieve success in real estate. Click here to listen to Joe’s podcast episode on how those who aren’t accredited investors can still reach their goals.

An approach that’s received praise from Warren Buffett, passive investing is a long-term strategy that relies on gradual, steady growths in the real estate market. To invest passively is to keep buying and selling at a minimum. Management costs and risks are kept low; transaction costs remain low, too, as transactions are not frequently made.

Passive investing is a strategy that makes a lot of sense for those who are just getting started in real estate investments.

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At the moment, the minimum first time investment is $50,000, and then $25,000 thereafter. But this is subject to change in the future. The average investment is approximately $175,000, but that number is also increasing.

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