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  • JF2415: Good Partnerships & Dedication with Abiel Ballesteros

    Abiel is the Vice President and Founder of SAR Apartment Capital, a Miami-based real estate investment and asset management firm specializing in multifamily apartment syndication.   He is also the Principal Broker for United Dream Real Estate, a full-service real estate brokerage in Florida with over $150 million in sales. He focuses on sourcing, acquiring, and managing multi-family assets with low risk and high ROI potential for our investors. The key to his excellence is his competence and dedication in helping his investors gain financial freedom and build sustainable wealth. In this episode, Abiel takes us through the importance of strong relationships and partnerships and why it became the foundation of their success.Listen to Episode

  • JF2414: Bounce Back & Rebuild in Real Estate with Jason Moss

    Jason is a real estate broker, a home builder, a developer and an appraiser. With more than 20 years of experience he has the foundation for what properties are worth and can help you get familiar with the real estate industry. Gaining over 160 rental units and 120 flips in wholesale, he too has his career ups and downs. He has an exciting story to tell explaining how he crawled his way to success!Listen to Episode

  • JF2413: Becoming Your Own Bank With Chris Naugle #SkillsetSunday

    Growing up, Chris didn’t have much, but his mom taught him to dream big. With her help, he opened a skateboard and snowboard shop when he was just 16. After the dot-com bubble crash, he got a job at Wall Street and soon became a top financial advisor. In 2006, Chris did his first flip and went on to do a few more deals until the Great Recession of 2008. At that moment, he had just purchased a dilapidated building and had his girlfriend move in with him. At the same time, he was just one mortgage payment away from bankruptcy. He experienced both wild successes and crashes throughout his career, and now he mentors others on wealth-building and the secrets of the rich.Listen to Episode

  • JF2412 : Surviving The Recession With Stacy Bahrenfuss

    Stacy started her real estate quest by applying for a job at a local real estate company when she was in high school. What started as a bet ended up becoming her profession. At 19, Stacy got her real estate license and started working hard at filling the gap the local market had at the time. Stacy started her career in 2006, just a couple of years before the housing market crash. In 2020, her experience surviving the recession is as relevant as ever.Listen to Episode

  • JF2411: Changing The Niche From Residential Units To Self-Storage Facilities With Zach Quick

    Zach started his career back in 2014 by purchasing a garage apartment. Over the next couple of years, he and his wife focused on small multifamily houses, building up their portfolio to 28 units. When they were on vacation, Zach noticed a self-storage facility that gave him an idea for a new business. He got rid of all his residential units, and now he owns self-storage properties across 3 states.Listen to Episode

  • JF2410: The 15 Best Ways to Generate Passive Income | Actively Passive Investing Show with Theo Hicks & Travis Watts

    Today, Theo will talk with Travis about the 15 different types of passive income streams that he is somehow involved in.  They’ll share insights about investment opportunities, private placement investing, the concept of being a passive investor, and the effective ways to generate passive income.Listen to Episode

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