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  • JF2104: Financial Samurai With Sam Dogen

    Sam Dogen is the founder of Financial Samurai and has been providing content to the world through his free blogs and articles around topics that will help you with your financial literacy and goals. He Has also been in the real estate investing experience for 17 years and shares some of his experiences with this and his personal journey.Listen to Episode

  • JF2103: Part-time Out Of State Investing With Nick Giulioni

    Nick has 3 years of real estate experience, working full time in e-commerce sales for a large tech company. While working full-time he has acquired a 48 door portfolio consisting of singles, duplexes, and triplexes in Indianapolis, and he is based in San Francisco. He explains how his W-2 has helped him pursue real estate investing because of the insurance of a guaranteed income.Listen to Episode

  • JF2102: From Military to Millionaire With David Pere

    David Pere is a full-time active duty Marine and the founder of “From Military to Millionaire”. He has bought and sold 54 units, holds 13 rentals, and is a general partner in a 146-unit apartment. He discusses one of his deals that he had a headache within creative financing and shares what he would have done differently. David also goes into his process of mailing to absentee owners.Listen to Episode

  • JF2101: What Does Financial Freedom Mean? | Syndication School with Theo Hicks

    In today’s episode, Theo brings up the topic of what is important in life? He starts to question what does financial freedom really mean to you? He shares a popular blog post where a nurse interviewed her patients who were close to their end of life and asked them each the question “what did they regret?”. This episode will help open up your mind to discover what it really means to be financially free? Listen to Episode

  • JF2100: Start Now With Heath Jones

    Heath is a Neuroscientist for the US Army, helping the soldiers reduce hearing loss through studying and testing. Heath jumped in with both feet when he started into real estate, buying a 4-unit and a 16-unit back to back. Heath mentions that his confidence to jump in came from many free resources available online, including the Best Ever Show.Listen to Episode

  • JF2099: TowerHunt With Matt Marino

    Matt is the Co-Founder of Tower Hunt, an online network of commercial real estate dealmakers. He brings his 15 years of real estate experience to the show and sheds some insight into real estate deal-making. Listen to Episode

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show

Joe Fairless’s Best Ever Podcast

To be a successful real estate investor, you have to make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest happenings, strategies, and changes throughout the industry. Easier said than done, right? Not if you subscribe to Joe Fairless’s podcast.

A lot of investors who are looking for the best real estate advice have to juggle busy schedules. That’s a big reason why podcasts have become so valuable in the 21st century. No matter what you have on your plate for the day, you can open an app on your smartphone and learn about topics that interest you.

And if you are seeking one of the best ever real estate podcasts available, you have come to the right place.

What You Can Expect

Joe Fairless’s podcast, the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show is the world’s longest-running daily real estate investing podcast. Each day, Joe speaks with sharp, active real estate professionals who offer their coveted advice and share how they found so much success. And you won’t have to sit through the kind of fluff included in many podcasts: the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show gets right to the point and focuses solely on the investment information you need.

No self-indulgent stories that have no value. No long, meandering commercial breaks. Just the best real estate advice out there.


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