Work with Joe

I’m applying to talk to Joe Fairless about becoming a client.

This is what will happen next.

Joe will review my application and, if I qualify, will contact me to set up a time to speak to me personally.
Joe and I will mutually determine if this is right for me.

If Joe and I decide we’re not a good fit, then I’ll still come away with insight on how to get started with apartment investing, selecting the perfect real estate market and how to structure deals with investors to get cash flow and long-term wealth. If I think Joe has wasted my time, he will give me a check for $250 because he believes time is our most precious resource and he doesn’t mess around with that.

If we decide we are a good fit, I will become a client. I understand the investment is $50k for the first month then $250 a month thereafter for as long as we work together.

As a member, I’ll be speaking with Joe as much as is needed to help me reach my goals.

I’ll also get unlimited access to Joe and my fellow members through our private Facebook Group.

The SOLE PURPOSE of this relationship is for me to make more money with real estate investing while having fun and gaining new friends in the process.

If, at any time, I want to leave the relationship, I can – and I will never be billed again.

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Joe Fairless