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What 16 Real Estate Investors Are Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Each week, we post a new question to the Best Ever Show Community on Facebook. The Best Ever Show Community is a place where real estate entrepreneurs of all stripes and sizes can come together to interact with each other, me, and the guests featured on my podcast with the purpose of everyone helping each other reach the next level in their businesses and their lives.

What better way to add value than to ask you, the community, for your Best Ever advice on a variety of different real estate topics. This week, the question was “what is a property or deal, person, experience, book, video, conference, etc. that has been influential to your business’s success and you are grateful for?” 

Thank you to the 16 active investors who responded. Read on the learn about the people, books/podcasts/videos, and events/moments have been influential to active, successful real estate entrepreneurs:


Best Ever People

  1. Theo Hicks – “Joe Fairless. Would have never gotten the confidence to pursue my first apartment syndication deal if I had never met Joe!”
  2. Holly Williams – “I would say this really smart kid named Joe Fairless from Texas in the Big City. Happy thanksgiving to the Growing Fairless clan my friend.”
  3. Whitney Elkins Hutten – “Lane Kawaoka and Chris Miles. Future Apartment Syndication Goals: Joe Fairless.”
  4. Mike Knudstrup – “1. My local real estate investors group where a few presenters owned MHP’s (mobile home parks). 2. Parents of friends and acquaintances who owned parks and it worked for them.”
  5. Julia Bykhovskaia – “My man Tony Robbins! It was at the right place at the right time for me 2 years ago. All I’ve heard is ‘you have to burn the boats,’ have to ‘make a decision and have absolute certainty’, and ‘you don’t need to know how. The how will come.’. 3 months later I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and got even more convinced that being an employee is not the way to go. 15 months later I left my J.O.B.! ‘The how’ of course became real estate.”


Best Ever Books/Podcasts/Videos

  1. Grant Rothenburger – “Mine is lame but honest. Rich Dad Poor Dad for opening my eyes to real estate in the first place.”
  2. Trevor McGregor – “Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has been a game changer throughout my entire Real Estate Journey. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it, or if you HAVE read it, pick it up again or be sure to listen to the Audio Version (When you’re not listening to the Best Real Estate Advice Show Ever – Podcast with Joe). Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!”
  3. Glen Sutherland – “Long time listener of the show (Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever). Appreciate all you time you put into it.”
  4. Michael Collins – “The Strangest Secret; Earl Nightingale. Time less advice. 31 minutes long on YouTube, loaded with great information.”


Best Ever Events/Moments

  1. John Jacobus – “The first Best Ever Conference in Denver in 2017. This was a game changer in terms of forming new partnerships, sparking new actions, and building momentum.”
  2. Adam Adams – “Best Ever Conference
  3. Charlie Kao – “A lot of moments but being on my very first podcast which happened to be BiggerPockets. I kept getting asked to be on other podcasts and had a lot of people reaching out to me for advice and it dawned on me how much more I was really capable of. I have doubled or tripled our business every year since the podcast.”
  4. Cory Boatright – “1. My first short sale that I stumbled into with negative equity and created a Short Sale Empire that made millions in revenue. 2. The first time I sold 6-figures in one hour from stage in front of 500 people. 3. My experience at the end of 2012 with thyroid cancer. 4. I am grateful it happened because of and the many miracles that came from waking up and being aware of life in a new way. 5. Meeting my wife and two step kids. Skydiving to overcome my fear of heights?
  5. Dustin W. Miles – “I wouldn’t say it was any one experience/book/conference, but a collection. One of the first memories I recall is from childhood. I played soccer on a team with a kid (we were around 10). His parents owned many skyscrapers around Fort Worth. I would say that first opened me up to the idea of “why not me.” I would ride my bike around Fort Worth wondering who owned all the other buildings. Fast forward to today, we are working on syndication #9 in the past ~5 years.”
  6. Jason Stofer – “For me this is easy…I just came from it! Adam Triple A Adams event Raising Money Summit!! I have already re-written my business plan, reworked my website and am know working on my mind-map.”
  7. John Fortes – “Grateful for communities and networks such as these and all educational platforms whether it comes from books, podcasts, videos, and conferences as you mentioned. At the end of the day I’m just happy and grateful to be here breathing this beautiful air and sharing this earth with my loved ones. Thank you for asking. Happy Thanksgiving & God bless!”


What about you? Comment below: What is the one thing you are grateful for this Thanksgiving?



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