Download 24 PROVEN Ways to Get Off-Market Deals


  1. Spending time with the ones you love and love you.
  2. Having a big ole cup of water with a scoop of wheat grass every morning.
  3. Appreciating what you have.
  4. Volunteering.
  5. Reading lots of books then acting on the advice in those books that speaks to you.
  6. Creating something around something you enjoy then cultivating it daily for 90 days to determine if there's a biz idea within that venture.
  7. Focusing on the solution and next step, not what already happened. However, always try to find out how the bad thing happened to mitigate it from happening again.
  8. Putting yourself in the best position to be massively successful by identifying what you're really good at and then identifying a way to build a biz around it.
  9. When you think about doing something nice for someone do it at that moment in time. Stop everything and make a call. Send a text. Write a letter. Buy a present. Make an intro. Thoughts are just that - thoughts. They don't show up in the real world unless you act on them. And others can only experience the benefits of our thoughts by us taking action on those thoughts.
  10. Surrounding yourself with the right people. High achievers with strong morals and character. People who fill you up. Not drain you. "You are the product of the expectations of your peer group," says Tony Robbins. Be careful here. Be selective. wanted to know the products and services I recommend!?! Ohhhhhhhh...ok, well I've got that for you too! Most of the links are affiliate links.



I like to keep things simple because that'll increase your likelihood of sticking to it which will help you be more successful with it.

I do the interview via Zoom, where it is also recorded within the zoom portal. I use Evaer to record the call. I now hire an editor; however, when I started I edited my own audio file via Audacity. The file is uploaded to Libsyn. Libsyn then publishes to the universe (iTunes, Facebook, my blog, etc.).

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