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Money Raising Documents, Multifamily Syndication Due Diligence, Hiring a CPA, and More
How to Effectively Structure an Apartment Syndication Deal
Branding Techniques That Work & How to Approach a New Multifamily Deal


3 Common Questions Asked By Beginning Multifamily Investors
Little Known Technique to Improve Your Due Diligence Process
The Best Tenant Retention Tip Ever!


4 Documents You Need When Providing an Offering to Investors
How to Know You’re Ready to Become a Multifamily Syndicator
What Comes First – Money or Deal?


Why You Need To Be Selective When Bringing on Investors for Your Syndication Deals
7-Step Timeline for My Next Multifamily Syndication
11 Questions to Ask to Qualify Multifamily Deal
2 Step Process to Accurately Underwrite an Apartment Deal
Two-Step Process to Generate Referrals
Two Non-Traditional Ways to Make Money in Multifamily Investing
How Much Money Do You Need to Do Multifamily Syndication
How I Went from 3 SFR’s to $54 Million in Multifamily
How to Successfully Build Your Brand
How to Get People to Like You
Why You Should Be More Active on BiggerPockets
506b vs. 506c: Which Money Raising Structure Should You Do?
How to Quickly Evaluate a Multifamily Deal
How to Create a Money Raising Spreadsheet
The Keys to Focusing on Your Investors Needs
3-Step Process for Conversations With Investors
Start a Monthly Real Estate Meet-up
Having Trouble With Proof of Funds?
How to Make Your Offer Standout
Economic vs. Physical Occupancy
Why You Should Be Raising an Extra 20%
How to Build Credibility Without any Experience
How to Build a Million Subscribers
How To Reach Highly Successful Entrepreneurs
Why Accountants are Critical to the Money Raising Process
3 Tips to Achieve Your Goals in 2016
Increase Your Network via Volunteering

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